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Monday, March 28, 2005

where in the hell is Fort McMurray?

Last weekend, I went and saw the second installment of "The Ring". Admittedly, I was very nervous about doing so as that 'well' girl scares the bananas out of me. Much to my dismay, I did actually scream out loud during one particular scary scene in the movie. However, all in all, this movie is a huge disappointment when compared to the first one, (I still hate that damn girl though!).

Currently, I working a night shift at VGH, something I have not done since December. I had forgotten how nice night shifts are here when its quiet as it is tonight (blessedly!). I have done nothing since midnight and will hopefully continue this pattern until 6am. Being that it is a statutory holiday, I am especially basking in my state of 'nothingness'.

Last night I went to DV8, a very funky-ghetto lounge on Granville. The walls of the place were decorated with t-shirts that one could place bids for. One t-shirt read, "Where in hell is Fort McMurray?" and had a giant picture of Satan on it. I wished I had bid on it for my brother.

Planning your next vacation?, visit:

From Harper's:
"Washington state legislature was trying to decide whether to classify goat-napping as a misdemeanor or a felony".

"Police in York, Pennsylvania, arrested a fifty-three-year-old serial sheep molester in a barn. The man said he was just petting the sheep, even though it was 3 A.M., it was not his barn, and he had baler's twine in his back pocket, which can be used to bind sheep".

"A Wisconsin woman rammed her car into a Catholic church after deciding that God does not exist; her car was destroyed, but the church was unharmed".


Friday, March 11, 2005


Had a great time Wednesday night in Toronto. My good friend Erin (who is a fellow neonatal nurse) and I went and saw "Wicked, the Musical". Even despite the fact that we were seated at the very back of the theatre, the show was amazing. Go see it if it is playing in your city.

Its my last night here. I will not miss the weather. I talked to my mom yesterday and was told it was +18C in Vancouver... Why would anyone want to live elsewhere?

Pam and I went for Thai food the other night. Being the Thai-food snob that I am, I can say it was probably the third best Thai food I have every consumed. The first of course being that of "Sukhothai's" in Winnipeg. The second being, well mine! Meens has challenged me to a "curry off". The fool thinks she can out-Thai curry me. I will keep you all posted, we will need judges.

Finally and most importantly, what does one say when disgusting things happen?

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Pam, the newest vegetarian on the block

Am currently enjoying my stay in Toronto. Tonight Pam and I just got back from beautiful Montreal. Aside from the freezing cold weather, it was a good stay. I felt like I was back in Winnipeg, so chilly it was! We stayed on Rue St. Catherines, which is the heart of the shopping district in the Quarter Latin. The first night we got there, we found a cheap Thai place (all veggie, much to Pam's dismay) and ate. The next day we ventured the icy weather and trekked around historic Old Montreal. We had poutine for lunch and then went shopping down Rue St. Catherines. We then went and saw "Million Dollar Baby" as an escape to the outside.

I am so happy this film won the Oscar, it was fabulous. I highly recommend it and to anyone who does not bawl like a baby, you are made of stone and should be put in a box.

That night, we went to a lounge for appies and bevies and then back to the hotel. This morning, we went out for Crepes and then to the Montreal Science Centre where Pam and I faced off our Science skills ( I kicked her ass). The Science Centre had this really neat exhibit called, "An Autopsy for Murder" where you had to solve a murder mystery like a real investigator, it was quite enjoyable.

The highlight of our trip was Pam's voluntary and rather short-lived conversion to vegetarianism. During the entire trip, the only meat the girl ate was sausages for breakfast and then a Whopper on the way home to Toronto. She whined the entire time about not getting enough meat yet, she had apt (yes I said APT) opportunity to have it but chose not to. My diagnosis: the girl is a closet vegetarian! I think I like her a little bit more after this discovery:)

Anyone interested in this?:

Matt Good and Adrienne Maree Brown talk about how to get our democracy back
Sat. March 19 @7:00 PM Chinese Cultural Centre 50 E. Pender St.
Matthew Good, outspoken Vancouver musician and political commentator, and Adrienne Maree Brown, co-author of "How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office," speak out about re-invigorating democracy, citizenship, and activism. Come participate in the discussion on March 19th from 7-9pm at the Chinese Cultural Centre 50 E. Pender St. $5 at the door.
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