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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


A friend once told me, "Have faith in life." Seemingly simple words, but the strength behind them, insurmountable. These words ring in my ears tonight as I contemplate how good life is when you just be, believe, when instinct becomes your faith.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

sex in the city

I just finished all 6 seasons of Sex in the City - one of the greatest series on television to date. For the past 3 months this show has been my only-me-alone time - something I don't get much of. I would put on my comfy clothes, curl up in a blankie with a plate of baked goodies and sit down to watch what the girls were up to. I was honestly surprised at how I took to the show. I found myself talking to them out loud as if I were a part of their weekly brunch conversations, laughing with them as they diagnosed the latest sexual antic and crying real tears when one of them was hurt or angry.

The characters of this show are truly amazing. Each woman represents a part of every girlfriend in my life. What I liked most about the show was the reality of their relationships. Mr. Big, Steve, Harry - none of the men were knights in shining armour who showered the women with gifts, always said the right thing and never had fears or doubts - they were real men and that made them loveable. The ending of the show was perfect, each woman ended up with a reality they had rebelled against and ended up realizing what they had rebelled against was what they needed most. This show is more than just a shocking sitcom about sex, its about love, relationships and friendship. If you're needing a way to spend some quality "me-time", this is the series for you.
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