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Friday, April 29, 2005

little kittens for all

From Harper's:
"Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who belonged to the Hitler Youth before he became a priest, won the papacy by a landslide and styled himself Benedict XVI. The new pope dislikes homosexuality (he moved quickly to condemn a Spanish bill that would permit gays to marry), abortion, and the death penalty, but he loves little kittens. In 2001, he ordered Catholic bishops to hide allegations against pedophile priests from the public."

"The Mesa, Arizona, police department applied for funding to buy and train a tiny monkey that they can dress in a kevlar vest and send into dangerous situations."

"A woman in Burma was breastfeeding three tiger cubs, Zimbabweans barbecued nine elephants, and German toads were exploding for unknown reasons."

I'm done my preceptorship now! I'm officially a staff nurse - hurrah! It was a great experience though, I lucked out with an outstanding preceptor. The last 4 shifts I have cared for two ventilated babies on my own. Aside from one of them turning blue on me, it was okay - nothing I couldn't handle. The baby did recover after we bagged him, but it was a bit of a heart-pounding situation!

The weather is GORGEOUS. I ask myself in these pre-summer days, why would anyone choose to live elsewhere?

Tomorrow is my dance recital! I'm so nervous! We got our outfits back from the tailor yesterday, they're very pretty.

Learn more about Kathak, a form of classical East Indian dance:

Sunday, April 10, 2005

the way fruit was meant to be eaten

I'm still young! Went to Arts County Fair on Friday, have not been since I left UBC almost 3 years ago. Madness at its best. There were so many people there, cellphones were not working. We only made it for Matt, which was the highlight of the day (yes, I can say this with confidence even without seeing the other sets). I re-lived my moshpit days, I'm surprised I got in there and actually enjoyed it. It did get stupidly violent though and stupid people thought they would advertise their stupidity by throwing things at the stage. I applaud Matt's words, they were needed.

Currently, I'm working a night at VGH. I do this about once a month for extra cash and to remind myself how wonderful the nursery is. God bless the newborn infant who does not have the ability to push a call bell...

I'm adding another link. My secret love, which I'm ashamed of...America's Top Model. I cannot resist, so I'm coming clean...Its a damn great show. Tomorrow is Models & Fondue night. We pay tribute to skinny, pretty girls by eating fruit dipped in layers and layers of chocolate. I still have not decided which model I like best. Have you?

From Harper's:

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