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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

spongebob spotted at celebrities dancing along side bert & ernie

Excerpts from Harper's:

"Christian groups warned that SpongeBob SquarePants was aninsidious weapon being used to promote acceptance of homosexuality in a music video made for elementary schools. The video teaches children cooperation and tolerance and also features Barney, Winnie the Pooh, and Bob the Builder."

"George W. Bush was sworn in again as president, and threatened to bring "the untamed fire of freedom" to the world. In his 20-minute speech the president used the words "free," "freedom," and "liberty" 49 times, but never said"war" or "Iraq." Protesters threw snowballs."

"Hours after an Italian man killed himself because his wife had been in a coma for four months, she woke up."

Had a rip-roaring party on Saturday in honor of Sandras turning um, 22... Nothing fancy, just intelligent conversation, a glass of sherry/port or two and Etta Jones in the background. Everyone was home and in bed by eleven.

The Oscar picks are out. "The Aviator" has received 11 Oscar nods in various categories. Although the film was enjoyable and entertaining, that's really the extent of the film and 11 Oscar nods is a bit much. Mind you, I can't think of which film this year would be Oscar-worthy. Then again, if Julia Roberts has one, how much can it be worth?

Have noticed not much response on the book club front. Rather unfortunate. I guess its just Pam, Meens and me next month!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

cadet "Team Zissou" reporting...

Went and saw "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" last night. What a great film. That Wes Anderson is a brilliant, brilliant man. Only he could make Oceanography hip. His style is so unique, I love it. I especially liked team Zissou's track suits and simple "Z" insignia. Being the self-admitted science geek that I am, I definitely would have been a team Zissou cadet as a child...Okay and as an adult...


Survived my first week of clinical in the special care nursery. Had the same little snapper that went all wacky when I held him last week, this week. I can now proudly say I know the basics of baby care. The most impressive skill I learned was the "slow dance" one does when trying to console a little one. I found myself doing it even when I wasn't holding a kid. I'm hoping that's the first sign of a good neonatal nurse and not crazy.

Excerpts from Harper's:

"In India, men were calling tsunami relief help lines, offering to marry women who lost their husbands in the recent disaster. "I have no caste barriers, and my parents are very supportive of my decision," said one caller".

"In Hempstead, New York, two legal-reform activists were detained for telling old lawyer jokes outside a courthouse, including: "Why do they bury lawyers 100 feet into the ground? Because down deep, they're good people." An offended lawyer had the men arrested".

"...a police officer in the Philippines was accused of stealing a fellow officer's bomb-sniffing dog, then eating it."

Saturday, January 15, 2005

see spot run

See Dick. See Jane. See Spot.
See Spot Run. Run Spot. Run, run, run.
Look, look, look. See, see, see.
See Spot run. Run, run, run.

The online book club is set up. Being that I am not particulary computer saavy, I just used a yahoo-groups link. Feel free to provide suggestions on how to make the book club link more user friendly and in general, cooler. The link is See Spot Run, please visit and more so, please join:)

Friday, January 14, 2005

baby-1, nurse-0

Today was my first day where I actually got to interact and care for the babies in the special care nursery. As expected, one of the little guys decided to desaturate, fight for breaths and go bradycardic on me the minute he was put in my arms....I think he planned it! Luckily, it was a minor incident and he was fine 30 minutes later. So far, I am loving the special care nursery. It's a completely different form of nursing than my previous job - I think I have found my niche! if only I was allowed to take patients home...

My cousin is going to Brazil and Peru this summer. I was supposed to go with him but am now not going as I will be forced to start my 1-year contract soon after my certification is complete. My cousin is a lucky bastard and I hate him. Clearly, I chose the wrong health profession. Instead, I should have been an Occupational Therapist so I too, could gallivant freely around the globe. For anyone wishing to also become at OT, visit 'gmak's random thoughts'.

Saw 'The Aviator' last night. What a long movie. All in all, it was decent. I fear Leonardo DiCaprio will continue to look like a 23-year old even when he is eighty. The best part of the movie was Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn. Admittedly, I know very little about actors and actresses of the earlier cinema days (black and white pictures put me to sleep) but she was impressive.

Tomorrow I am going curling for the first time in my life. I feel like I'm back in Winnipeg going to a social. Ice, brooms, big heavy rocks- what's not to like?

Friday, January 07, 2005

Calgarians - we are not happy with you...

Today in the news: "Toilet-brush caution wins award for dumbest warning; lawyers not amused". The sign on the toilet brush says it best: "Do not use for personal hygiene". Good god, they have awards for this sort of thing! Although, I do find the entire thing pretty amusing.

I am officially a student again!!! Life is good once more. No more night shifts until mid-March. It will be odd to once again have a normal sleep/wake schedule. Hopefully my new 'student-ness' will put an end to me handing out antibiotics in my sleep... My last shift was on New Years Day and man did it suck! We had 2 deaths and 1 code blue - all before 1400, it was ridiculous. Not that things are going to get any better in the NICU! I had my neonate resuscitation course yesterday...what am I getting myself into!! 2 finger chest compressions - eek!

Its nice to return back to normalcy after the holidays. I was lucky enough to have many visitors from out of town, mainly Calgary. I blame them all collectively for bringing the hideous weather with them. Vancouver and snow do not go hand in hand unless it is on some form of ski mountain. As a result of this dreadful weather, we've had to cancel our plans to go to Victoria for Meen's birthday. Calgarians, we are not happy with you...

The book club link should be added by the end of the month. The club starts in February with the Life of Pi. If you're interested, pick up a copy and make some comments! Has anyone read the latest hype, "The DaVinci Code"? I was browsing through a copy the other day and I'm intrigued. For some reason, I thought it was a detective thriller. I based this assumption on the fact that most hypes in the literary world seem to be trash mysteries.

Wondering if anyone is a Andy Warhol fan and would know the name of a painting I have unsuccesfully tried to find the name of. The painting depicts a woman wrapped in a shawl-type thing. Its done in very deep purples and its gorgeous!!! Alas, I cannot find its name. Please assist.
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