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Friday, December 22, 2006


Chris and I have a new love - Lost. We are addicted. A friend of mine lent us the first 2 seasons and for the past month, it has been Lost marathons night after night. It is one of the best shows on television well, ever. We are 1 episode away from cold turkey. We're scared people, the withdrawal will be too much. If anyone can hook us up with Lost, Season 3 Episodes 301-306 - we will forever be in your debt. It will catch us up and we'll be in synch with the show.

My favorite character is John Locke. His story fascinates me. His character has changed dramatically from the first season to the second and not for the better, but I still like him. I think he's the strongest character on the show and has plenty more tricks up his sleeve. I also quite like Claire and Charlie. I am curious to see who Claire's baby grows up to be and what the mysteries are surrounding his 'specialness".

I am also curious about "The Others". I hope they do not turn out to be a bunch of scientists running a psychological experiment in the form of the Dharma Iniative. That solution would be too obvious and a bit boring. I hope the show breaks away from the scientific/technological operations going on on the island and goes back to the concept of "the island as a being" explored more on Season 1. The mystical healing powers of the island that have cured Rose and Locke intrigue me and I hope Season 3 sheds more light on this.

Any Lost fans out there- lets talk.

27 red balloons

I hate aging. There I said it. I'm embarrassed to admit that aging really, truly bothers me. I know it defies all logic, age is just a number and the natural progression of life but all in all, I hate it. I don't really know why it bothers me considering I'm truly happy for where I am at 27. I have a wonderful family, fabulous friends, a loving boyfriend, a kick-ass condo and a job that challenges me each day. I have my health, I've done a considerable amount of traveling, I have hobbies that I have time to pursue, I have money to spend... And yet the age factor still makes me cringe. I think the thought of running out of time to pursue my goals and spend time with my friends and family scares me. That said, 27 doesn't feel so bad right now.

I had the perfect 27th birthday. All my friends and I went up to Mount Seymour and spent the day snowtubing. It was a day of wipe-outs, hot chocolate and icicle toes! Afterwards we went back to my place and had tea and cake courtesy of Meens. She made the tastiest vanilla raspberry cake - mmm! Later in the night, the remaining few went out to Honey for dancing. It was a birthday I will not forget! Pictures are posted in my Photo Albums, feel free to peek!

I look back at the last ten years and so much has changed. The last few years have solidified my persona. I feel confident in my identity as me, daughter, friend, sister, girlfriend, neonatal nurse. I suppose if 27 feels this good, it can only get better! That said, 28 - take your time!

Friday, December 08, 2006

do u wanna be on top?

Last night marked my semi-yearly "America's Next Top Model" season finale night. We had a showing of about 8 girls and 1 boy - our token male viewer! We ate a stupid amount of baked goodies and spent a great deal of the show doing more yelling than viewing. Its comical how a group of well educated, somewhat intelligent young women can take something comparable to a glorified beauty contest so seriously!

Needless to say, Caridee won. That was a given, she was the most commercial of the three. I still feel Michelle should have won, she would have given something to the modelling world that was dark, unique and beautiful. Caridee will deliver more of the "beautiful blonde swimsuit" thing, which she will do very well.

I am still of the belief that the judges know who the winner will be from the very get go. They have a particular "look" they are seeking that particular cycle and the girl who has that look wins. Talent somewhat plays a role, but a small role.

The show is trash but trash at its best. Its entertaining and a great excuse to get your girls together and be girls. To the next season - may the brown girl not be a freak and win!
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