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Monday, September 12, 2005

sexy Gryffindor seeks sexy idea

Returned from Calgary a couple of days ago. Ashu and I painted up a storm. We painted the living room an olive green color, the dining room a terracotta color, the master storm grey and the guest a buttercup yellow/orange shade (well we didn't get to the guest room, he'll be flying solo on that one). The place looks pretty fab. All earthy and homey, now its just in need of furniture.

I'm all done my cake course - boo hoo. Much to my surprise, my little cake making venture is taking off. I have a couple of cake orders on the horizon. I hope I don't screw them up!

I have started brainstorming ideas about my upcoming annual Halloween party. Being an advocate for organized fun, "Halloween" is much too broad a theme for me. I need a theme for my Halloween party. Last year's "come as your favorite fictional character and then add an adjective in front of it" was a hit. My 'sexy Gryffindor' was quite the costume. I have a couple of great ideas thanks for Nav, Sandra and Barb but need a few more before I decide. Ideas?

The Vancouver Fringe Festival has begun. I've only checked out one show so far. It was called, "Patti Fetti, The Lover". It was pretty hilarious. A one-woman show about a should-be Saturday Night Live character. Go check out the Fringe, its good fun.
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