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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

movin' on over

I'm moving in a week and am feeling a bit nostalgic about the whole ordeal. A great deal has taken place in my current apartment. Its sad saying good-bye to a place where both happy and not-so happy memories were created.

I remember when I first moved in. I was so excited that my dream of living in Vancouver on my own was finally becoming a reality. Meens and Fatima helped me lug boxes up to my 3rd floor suite of my elevator-less building. They put my dishes in cupboards, my linens in the closet and we all sat down in the living room and watched the Vancouver skyline light up. I had no furniture at the time so we sat on a foam mattress and ate homemade pizza and zucchini salad courtesy of Meens. It was an exciting night- a night of new beginnings, a rite of passage into adulthood.

Since then, my apartment has been home to 2 Halloween parties, 2 birthday parties, countless models nights and the meeting place for most events ( most likely due to the fact that I don't own a car!). It has been a playground for my bunnies, the "Mayo clinic" for some and my own personal sanctuary after long 12-hr shifts.

I'm looking forward to creating new memories in my next home. It will be the 27th move of my life and hopefully the last for at least a couple of years! I am excited to finally have a place that I can decorate completely as I see fit. I plan to paint the walls, put up my art and have the most kick-ass guest room in the west side!

some fav pics

wall of starfishes

dad by the sea

Vacuum-massage for Coops

Folks getting their groove!

Alexandra- next Maybelline mascara model

balays & giddha

Meen's engagement party pics:

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