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Thursday, October 20, 2005

W.E.B.C -White evangelists of Brook County?

The social season is upon us. Why are we the most social when its mucky, gucky outside?

My Halloween party is in a week. I'm excited about it and its theme. Fatima came up with it, she is clever like that. I am still unsure as to what I will dress up as. I have a few ideas I am toying with, but nothing concrete yet. It a toughie this year! Yesterday I finalized my menu, I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised and pleased.

Tonight is Balderdash. Yes, I am in a Balderdash club. The West Coast Balderdash Club. (W.E.B.C). Its great fun. I have to mention this because Nav said I would. You cannot play Balderdash with less than 4 people. That is what I learned last week. Sylvia, Nav and I attempted after the rather unfortunate turn-out. It cannot be done. Instead we gave up the game and ate butterscotch-nut clusters and watched "Jem and the Holograms".

I never watched Jem as a child. People find this very surprising. I was only allowed 30 minutes of television a day, which was increased to 60 minutes a day when I got a bit older. My brother and I had to watch together and therefore, had to compromise on what to watch. We watched "Inspector Gadget" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" religiously. Such great shows.... Kids watch too much television these days. Its unfortunate. Other great shows included, "The Smurfs", "Fraggle Rock" and "Three's Company". Strange how my parents allowed us to watch "Three's Company".

I went and saw Thornley a couple of days ago at The City Central Brew Pub in Surrey. What a horrible venue for a concert. The establishment was trying to merge 2 events (Thornley and the hockey game) into 1 event. It was not good. Hockey fans and music fans all waiting for different events in a very crowded place. Then when the concert did finally start, people decided to be rude and annoying.

Concert-going etiquette: Don't talk loudly while the band is playing: I came to hear them not you, so kindly shut-up. This goes for singing as well. Yes, we know you know the words, sing, but sing at a level where we hear the band, not you. Beer: do you really need another beer when it means you have to push your way from the front of the crowd to get to the bar at the back? Once, fine, repeatedly - you're here for the beer not the show, so sit at the bar and watch the show, you drunken lout. Height consideration: If you're tall or large in any proportion, do not force yourself to the very front of the crowd. I'm little so I cannot see over you, you giant. Yes, it sucks and its not your fault that god made you tall and giant-like, but suck it up and kindly, let us shorties through.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

if I wasn't me, I would be...

complete the thought.
turn that thought into a costume.
show up to party.
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