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Monday, April 10, 2006

is your housekeeper your best friend?

Last night Chris and I rented "Crash". I'm sure most of you know this film was this year's Oscar pick for Best Picture. What a great film. Having not seen most of the other Oscar nominated films, I can't say whether it deserved to win the Oscar but I was really enjoyed this film. At first I felt the plotline was too "in your face" a film about racial-profiling but as the story progressed, the message became more subtle and therefore, more powerful. As always, I especially enjoyed Don Cheadle's performance. A very talented actor who in my opinion, can take on any role.

My favorite character in the movie was that of Matt Dhillons. In the beginning of the film, I despised him being that he was a racist white cop. As the story continued, his reasons for his beliefs became more clear and I actually sympathized with his plight (I didn't agree with them but I could understand why he felt the way he did). Towards the end of the film, his character performed an act that was completely out of character, which changed my feelings for him. I suppose people can change although usually a very dramatic event is needed to fuel such a step.

I literally was at the edge of my seat while watching because you watch it assuming the worst will happen and surprisingly, most of the time you're wrong.

If you're feeling angry or sad, rent this film - it will probably make you feel worse but sometimes isn't that the point?
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