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Friday, December 08, 2006

do u wanna be on top?

Last night marked my semi-yearly "America's Next Top Model" season finale night. We had a showing of about 8 girls and 1 boy - our token male viewer! We ate a stupid amount of baked goodies and spent a great deal of the show doing more yelling than viewing. Its comical how a group of well educated, somewhat intelligent young women can take something comparable to a glorified beauty contest so seriously!

Needless to say, Caridee won. That was a given, she was the most commercial of the three. I still feel Michelle should have won, she would have given something to the modelling world that was dark, unique and beautiful. Caridee will deliver more of the "beautiful blonde swimsuit" thing, which she will do very well.

I am still of the belief that the judges know who the winner will be from the very get go. They have a particular "look" they are seeking that particular cycle and the girl who has that look wins. Talent somewhat plays a role, but a small role.

The show is trash but trash at its best. Its entertaining and a great excuse to get your girls together and be girls. To the next season - may the brown girl not be a freak and win!


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