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Friday, August 26, 2005

oh be joyful

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

last chance for summer romance

Its my second night of a string of three. A slow set. I've decided to primary one of the chronic babies here - well he's been here so long, he's not really a baby anymore. I love him and only wish I could have started primarying him earlier in his life.

I'm off to Calgary again in a couple of weeks to help Ashu decorate his condo. He's been instructed to touch nothing as he will only ruin it. I think he should paint the walls a nice wine red, a soothing color to help him relax after those long, hard engineering work days (please note the sarcasm as I write those last words).

I'm having a "Last Chance for Summer Romance" party on Saturday. Unfortunately most of my party regulars have plans that weekend. I guess that's the reality of the situation when you give people late notice. Oh well, hopefully it will still be fun. I think the icecream bar and sangria will keep everyone cool and happy.

I attended a book reading with Nav the other day. John Irving read from his latest novel. I have never attended such an event. I found it quite enjoyable and thus inspired to read one of his earlier novels. A talented author, but a bit too fond of strange, sexual situations for my liking.

Went out last weekend with the gals. Haven't done that in some time. We went from The Morrissey to Glowbal to Bluewater to Yaletown Brewery to The Royale to finally The Fritz for vegetarian poutine. A fun-filled night, which in my younger days would have been just the beginning of my night.

I hope to see many of you on Saturday, bring extras.
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