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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

don't cry for me Argentina....

This song has been the soundtrack to my life for the last couple of weeks. Why? You ask. Because, Pam and I are going to Argentina in February. More specifically, we are going to Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. Okay we're actually only FLYING into Peru and FLYING out of Brazil. Our time will be mostly spent in the other countries mentioned. We are going to be attending Carnivale though in Rio, Brazil. I am very excited and a bit nervous. Anyone been to these countries? Any info would be great.

Its been foggy in Vancouver the last couple of days. So foggy when I look outside my window I see nothing but well, fog. Makes me feel like I'm living in outer space. Spooky.

Awhile back I got my first new pet. Her name at the time was Stella, a white and grey baby Holland Lop rabbit. Very cute. I loved her so much that I got another rabbit. Chloe is an even younger black and white Holland lop. She was brought home and very very soon enough we discovered that Stella was in fact, a boy with very much boy-rabbit needs. He was neutered and renamed Cooper. The two get along very well. Cooper is now about 4 months and is a docile buck. Chloe is about 3.5 months and is a spitfire. They both love to chase each other around my apartment and rarely get into trouble. I love them both.
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