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Monday, March 06, 2006

your country is my backyard.

Back from South America. What a trip, had its ups and its downs. A lot of people have asked me which of the countries I liked best. Toughie. I loved each country for different reasons. Peru and Bolivia were amazing because of their unique culture. Their culture was still intact and not heavily influenced by Western culture. Peruvians and Bolivians wore their traditional dress, ate their traditional food, spoke Spanish and practiced the rituals of their culture. Chile was a laid back country that attracted extreme sporters. We paraglided in Iquique and spent a lot of time just chilling on the beach. It was a good place to just relax and converse with people who always had a great story to tell. Argentina was like being in Europe, very sophisticated and everyone looked impeccable at all times. Good wine, good food, good art, good shopping!

Brazil was beach culture to its core. Locals boarded the bus in their swimwear and it seemed like the most important thing on everyone's agenda was working on their tans. Rio de Janeiro had a frantic, festive pace to it that I really liked. Carnival was amazing but probably not something I would ever attend again. If I was someone who enjoyed wild parties when I traveled, I would have liked it more. That said, watching the famous Samba parade was something I will never forget. The costumes and floats were breathtaking!

This all said, South America kicked my butt. Two weeks later and I am still sick. I now feel like I never left! Even my precious tan is fading.

I now have 2 continents left and I have stepped foot on them all. I am eager to begin my next adventure to either Africa or Southeast Asia. Any takers?
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