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Friday, July 29, 2005

do not read if you have not finished Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

I finished the 6th installment of the Harry Potter books last night. What a book. I must say I was surprised with some of it and some of it, not so much. I enjoyed it though (big shock).

I thought I would post an email I wrote Pam with my theories on the final book. For all those Harry Potter fans (and I know some of you just pretend like you're not), please enlighten me.

My Harry Potter Book 7 Theories & Book 6 Questions:
  • Snape is actually part of the Order of the Phoenix, he had to kill Dumbledore because he could not risk blowing his cover. He had to make the Unbreakable Vow to Narcissa because again, he could not blow his cover. Killing Dumbledore was for the greater good, which of course is defeating Voldemort.
  • Snape had a hand in ensuring that Harry got his old Potions book. By doing so, he inadvertently secured Harry and his friends victory over the Death Eaters by making sure Harry won the Felix Felicis potion. He also knew the potion would come in handy for other conquests such as getting the memory out of Slughorn.
  • There is more than meets the eye to Tonks. Her appearance outside the Room of Requirement is suspicous. I don't think she is evil, but she was doing something there.
  • Bill being a werewolf will also come in handy, I think he will help kill Greyback, who is not dead.
  • Aragog's death - what was the significance of that?
  • I think Dumbledore is indeed dead.
  • When Harry graduates, he will get a position as the Defence of the Dark Arts teacher. If not right away, eventually.
  • Draco. He is not evil, just mislead and scared. I think maybe he may even do something to help Harry in the end. His hesitation in killing Dumbledore and his admittance that he was doing this because he was scared Voldemort would kill him and his family begs the question, is Draco really evil or is he just being used? Maybe in the end, he will help Harry defeat Voldemort.
  • Ron and Herimone will definently get together the next book and Ginny and Harry will too after he defeats Voldemort.
  • R.A.P. who is this? I have no theories, any ideas?
  • What is the significance of the locket that Harry and Dumbledore got? I don't think that it is nothing because Dumbledore's death could not have been in vain. He is too great a wizard for that. I think the locket Harry holds now is a Horcrux but perhaps it is been disguised or cursed.
  • The next book will not take place in Hogwarts. Harry needs the freedom to move around to find the other Horcruxes. Him, Ron and Hermione will search the magic world looking for them. Classes will not take place next year at Hogwarts due to the danger.
  • In the end, Snape and Harry will become friends or Snape will save Harry's life.
  • Who will die in the next book? Maybe Snape saving Harry's life and a Weasley.... the Weasley I would place my money on is either Bill or Arthur. Percy and his family will come to terms in the next book. Percy will realize the error of his ways maybe after the death of a family member.
  • Neville and Luna will get together the next book. In the next book, we will finally witness Neville's true wizarding abilities, which will prove to be amazing.
  • The 6 Horcruxes:
    1. Tom Riddle's Diary
    2. Salzar Slytherin's Ring
    3. Slytherin's Locket
    4. Hufflepuff's goblet
    5. Something from Gryffindor
    6. Something from Ravenclaw

    Is that right? I can't remember right now (I don't presently have the book in front of me). What do you think the somethings fron Gryffindor and Ravenclaw are? Ravenclaw I have no idea. Gryffindor? It is something Harry already has. What, I don't know.

There you have it folks, my lameness in all its shining glory.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"cowgirling", an acceptable Calgarian verb

Just returned from Calgary where I visited my brother, cousins and friends. I had a good trip, lots of relaxing, reading and cowgirling. I went to the Stampede twice and especially enjoyed the Grand Stand Show. I was impressed with how much money, time and effort had gone into the show, which celebrated Alberta's centennial year. B.C. I must say does not do this. This province, which has so much to brag about and celebrate does not put money into provincial identity or pride like other provinces do. Its a shame. Calgary during Stampede week is nuts. Everyone gets into it with pancake breakfasts at every block to CEOs of major companies donning jeans and cowboy hats to work everyday for a week. I was trying to picture Vancouver in the same situation. I think unless there was a 'gluten-free' or 'Atkins' option at pancake breakfasts and Miss Sixty jeans considered acceptable 'cowgirl wear', Stampede week in Vancouver would just not fly.

The new Harry Potter book is out!!! Let the good times roll. I bought it a day after release and still have not touched it. I plan to start reading it on Thursday as Pam and I plan on reading it simultaneously and then discussing it via email. Yes, the two of us are definently the coolest of the crew...

My cake decorating course is so much fun. Last class, I mastered the coveted rose.

Well, mine doesn't look as lovely as this one, but practice will perfect.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Its the day after Canada Day (well its 1:45 in the morning July 2nd).
Why does the weather in this city STILL suck????
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