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Friday, February 25, 2005

nipple fetish?

Saw "Saw" last night. Holy crap, what a creepy film. My brother has been going on and on about it and after watching it, I can see why. Its probably the best psychological thriller I have seen in awhile. If you don't have a strong stomach, abort mission, this film is gory. The acting was a bit lacking, but all in all, a great little scary see.

From Harper's:
"...two former caretakers of Koko, the gorilla that can speak in sign language, sued for harassment. The caretakers claim they were pressured into exposing their breasts to satisfy Koko's nipple fetish. An eighty-year-old Australian doctor had "DO NOT RESUSCITATE" tattooed across his chest, and in Hong Kong, the bough of a lucky "wishing tree" broke off, scratching a four-year-old boy's head and breaking a man's leg".

Only 1 more week left of clinical fun before I get 10 whole days off - yipee! I'm going to Toronto and Montreal to see Pam, Erin and my cousin - should be fun. Perhaps I will come back completely fluent in French...j'mappelle Deepshikha, je parle English et Francais.... whatever, stupid language...

After I come back I start my senior practicum before finally finishing this portion of the program. Yesterday, I got to follow the resuscitation nurse around. Got to see a C-section, which was actually not as exciting as I thought it would be...gooey little baby...

Friday, February 11, 2005

look to the rat

From Harper's

"Scientists determined that sunlight helps fight cancer, that barbecue causes it, that overweight people have a stronger biological need to sit than others do, and that rats are responsible beer drinkers".

This week was spent in the intensive care unit of the special care nursery. Gone are the fancy-free days of bottle feeds, cuddles and recovering babies. Hello to the days of very sick and very little little ones...eek! A great deal to learn especially in terms of dealing with emotional and inquisitive parents and working closely with neonatologists and respiratory therapists. Its refreshing to work somewhere where the nurse's opinion actually matters. I am learning though that ventilators and other breathing machines are not as scary as they look. I think I will do okay here!

Went and saw Boogeyman the other night. Not my pick. It sucked, well it had one scary scene in it of Lucy Lawless in "elderly woman" make-up...ahh Xena, warrior princess look where your career has taken you...

From today's Vancouver Sun:
"For heroin addicts, coming up with the cash to free their addiction can be a daily grind. Now addicts are hoping a new project, which will supply free heroin, will make the streets of the Downtown Eastside a lot safer. 'Girls, even the guys...have to prostitute themselves, ' says addict Chuck Paker, pictured above with flyer seeking 156 addicts for the new project. Half will get heroin, half methadone. The project, also set for Montreal and Toronto, is part of the North American Opiate Medication Initiative, which hopes to prove that free heroin programs will cut crime here as they have in Europe".

As a RN who has contemplated working for the safe injection clinic in the Eastside, I have mixed feelings about this program as I'm sure most people do. I agree that drug addiction is a volatile and serious disease that needs to be acknowledged and funded in terms of prevention. Prevention being the key word here. Funding and waitressing to a drug addiction has nothing to do with prevention. In my opinion, this study says, 'there is no solution to drug addiction, once an addict, always an addict, so do drugs, we will give it to you as long as you don't kill people or steal cars in the process'. Why is it that North America, especially Canada is so hypersensitive to 'addiction' as a mental disorder while other mental disorders such as bipolarism, schizophrenia and depression go virtually ignored? This initiative solves nothing, it further spearheads the problem

For further information on NAOMI, visit:

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

is there anything science can't do?

From today's Vancouver Sun:

Scientists isolate gene responsible for puberty
"A gene called KiSS-1 is responsible for triggering puberty, scientists have discovered. It produces a protein called kisspeptin in the brain that turns on the urge to reproduce... researchers found that by giving animals kisspeptin they could wake up the reproductive hormones from their childhood hibernation, triggering the events that mark the onset of puberty."

Monkeys pay to see racy photos
"Monkeys will pay to watch monkey pornography, giving up their favorite drinks to ogle the rear ends of female strangers on computer screens... They also paid extra to see the faces of dominant monkeys - in effect, paparazzi shots of monkey celebs."

Went and saw Hotel Rwanda a couple nights ago. What an experience. I strongly urge everyone to see this film. If DiCaprio beats Don Cheadle on this one, I officially quit...

The book club starts today! Looking forward to postings and the discussion.

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