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Friday, December 10, 2004

choose your holiday bird very wisely....

What I knew all along is now officially true...we're related to chickens, the stupidest and lamest of all the bird world. A new study is out which proves that 60% of a chickens DNA is similar to that of ours....yet another reason supporting my belief that humans should not be eating any animal unless it is made entirely out of tofu:)

A couple in the States has gone on strike and is picketing outside their home to protest against their lazy children. A psychologist claims that there is no problem with this parenting tactic and it won't lead to psychological damage as long as there is no abuse... right, having "Deepshikha is a rotten, no-good, inappreciative little brat and I wish I had a better child" published in every major newspaper in N. America wouldn't lead to any long-term psychological problems....

Tonight has been exceptionally busy. I blame the large number of off-service patients we currently have on the ward. I have a hematology/bone marrow transplant service patient who asks one too many questions. I know very little about this area of medicine - er, blood goes in, blood goes out? He is on a bunch of fancy meds I have never heard of and apparently the nursing drug guide has never heard of either - that's always a fun scenario. Luckily, Pharmacy was able to decipher my pronunciation of the drugs and help me out.

Tomorrow I start my set of 4 off - it has been a very, very long time since I've had more than 2 days off in a row. Part of my plans include a visit to the dentist, which I have not done for almost 3 years. I'm actually pretty excited, I LOVE going to the dentist. You get to sit back in a comfy chair, watch Days and get your teeth shined - its like the spa!


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    ba ba black sheep have you any wool?? yes sir yes sir 3 bags full! WOW thats cool man!


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