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Sunday, December 05, 2004


Tonight has been an especially crappy shift at work. Only now at 3:10am have I finally gotten the chance to sit down - it has been BUSY. I came on shift to have a fresh new post-op and a guy who had had a chest tube put in the wrong spot in his lung (not a good thing). I got to assist with my first chest tube insertion, which basically involves the MD shoving a giant tube in the patients chest...lots and lots of Xylocaine.... Thankfully, the charge got the workload nurse to help us. Without her, I'd probably still being doing my 20:00 vitals.

Life right now has been nothing but work, work and more work. I am delerious over the fact that I am off until Tuesday - wow a whole 2 days off...I dont know how all you normals do it. I NEED MY 5! Going home to Sry tomorrow to eat and watch television....I am super excited.

Attempting to catch up on my crosswords....anyone know a 7-letter word for "Knot" craft...I really feel if it was any other time than 03:20, I would know this...It starts with an "M"...

Sorry for the rather crap entry. Its a reflection of the night thus far


  • At 5:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That would be Macramé.



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